Humble Beginnings

Idaho Bison - From Concept to Reality

People always say how they started in their friends' garage or their parent's basement; well, we did just that. The early years of Idaho Bison consisted of three college students pitching their entrepreneurial endeavor to venture capitalists in the Pacific Northwest. We won a contest for our business plan, but that didn't do much for the company's growth. After graduating college in 2018, the founder of Idaho Bison was determined to get the business off the ground. I went to a place I knew I could make a lot of money, an underground Alaskan gold mine I had spent a summer at in my early 20's. In 2016, I put together a bison order for the first time in my life in my friend's shop, and ever since, I've been hooked on selling bison products. After saving up some money, we purchased the initial seed stock. It was then that I knew we had a shot. In 2020 Idaho Bison launched its first marketing campaign offering retail and wholesale bison meat. Since its inception, Idaho Bison has consistently increased its loyal customer base.

Cody Bumgarner

Idaho Bison Founder

Cody Bumgarner started his first business at the age of 11. He was motivated by a  passion for agriculture and an energetic, entrepreneurial spirit. Near Fruitland, Idaho, he worked hard raising and selling swine to local 4-H and FFA youth. Cody continued to cultivate and maintain numerous business ventures in the years following. Cody founded Idaho Bison and Idaho Bison Ranch while attending college. In 2018 he received a degree in agricultural economics: agribusiness emphasis from the University of Idaho. Cody believes in the healthier, more nutritious bison meat products that offer a more beneficial source of meat-based protein to his customers.