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IDAHO BISON is leading the way in the Idaho Bison Marketplace

Idaho Bison offers retail & wholesale meats.

All our meat is Non-GMO, guaranteed hormone free, and 100% USDA inspected.

At Idaho Bison we strive to provide Lean, Heart Healthy, Eco Friendly red meat protein.

IDAHO BISON is a nutritious addition to a well-balanced, whole-foods diet

Bison packs a considerable amount of various essential nutrients, including iron, zinc, protein, selenium, and B vitamins.

At Idaho Bison we strive to provide Lean, Heart Healthy, Eco Friendly red meat protein.

Products We Offer

Individual Products

Check out our price list and choose from a variety of cuts.

Consumer's Choice

Variety Box

Approximately 47lbs of meat.

(steaks typically 2 to a package)

Wholesale Prices

Order your choice of a Whole, Half, Quarter or Split Quarter all cut to your specifications.


Incredible Steaks!

Bought several different bison steaks, all were incredible. A lean meat, so I cooked it hot and fast like elk, and the flavor is amazing. Would highly recommend Idaho Bison!

T.J. Flodin


Premier Quality and Fantastic Service!

The quality puts other local bison meat to shame and you can't beat the fantastic service! We just started with some ribeyes and jerky but are looking forward to ordering more soon!

Jordan Monzon


Lean, Flavorful and Delicious!

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Idaho Bison and we all went in on a 1/2 Bison, I got 15 pounds, definitely not enough because I am already out. The meat was delicious, and super lean. I really loved the steaks, and now trying to put in another order this time probably getting more like 25-30 pounds

Michael Lee


Can't Wait to Place Our Next Order!

After a road trip this past summer in Big Sky Country, I had the privilege of having a bison rib eye steak for the first time. I was instantly hooked and upon coming home began researching how I could switch from store bought meat to locally sourced bison. After a quick google search I came across Idaho Bison and was immediately impressed with their excellent customer service. I ended up putting a group order together for a 1/2 bison, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We can’t wait to place our next order!

Allon Freedman

Allon Freidman

Integrity & Quality you can Trust

Idaho Bison

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